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If you’ve been arrested and charged with a drug crime in New Mexico, you have every reason to be worried.  It is important that you get into contact with an experienced and dedicated Albuquerque drug crimes defense attorney if charged with a drug crime in New Mexico.  Drug crimes are serious offenses in this state, and being arrested for possession, sale, or trafficking of drugs can result in harsh prison sentences, large fines, and mandatory drug rehab programs. In addition, you’ll face the lifelong stigma of having a criminal record, the loss of your reputation in the community, and frequently the inability to obtain employment, housing, or financial aid to pursue an education. If you have prior offenses, you should also be aware of the potential for mandatory enhanced sentencing under New Mexico’s “habitual offender” law.

If you or a member of your family has been arrested for a drug crime, you should immediately contact an experienced drug defense attorney to protect your constitutional rights and prevent crippling limitations on your options for the future.

Kinds of Illegal Drugs

Drug crimes include possession, distribution, trafficking, smuggling, transporting, selling, or manufacturing of illegal substances including

  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Methamphetamine
  • Prescription pain killers
  • Marijuana (for non-medical purposes)

Types of Drug Crimes

  • Possession, which is generally having a small quantity of the controlled substance for personal use;
  • Possession with intent to distribute or sell;
  • Selling, which is exchanging drugs for money or other compensation.
  • Drug trafficking, which involves possessing, manufacturing, cultivating, or transporting a large quantity of controlled substances as a commercial activity.

Drug Crime Defenses

It is important to find an experienced drug defense lawyer immediately when you’ve been arrested for a drug crime. The sooner your Albuquerque defense lawyer gets to work, the better your chances of a favorable outcome.

Very often, police make major mistakes when making a drug arrest and collecting evidence. Some examples include the following:

  • Illegal search and seizure.
  • Entrapment
  • Using falsified information to obtain a search warrant
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Planted evidence
  • Coerced confession
  • Failing to inform you of your rights
  • Continued interrogation when you’ve requested a lawyer
  • Use of informant who is receiving some benefit in exchange

Other defenses include having a provable alibi, inability of police to produce the drugs, or showing the drugs belonged to another person, and in state courts only, the medical marijuana exception.

Skilled, Professional Drug Defense in State and Federal Courts

The drug defense attorneys at the New Mexico Criminal Law Offices in Albuquerque practice in both state and federal courts. Our lawyers are skilled at analyzing drug cases to identify errors or misconduct by police, which can be used to support a motion to suppress the evidence and other convincing proof that may result in charges being dismissed.
As a result of our many years of experience successfully defending clients facing all levels of drug charges, from possession to federal drug crimes, the attorneys at New Mexico Criminal Law Offices are able to protect your constitutional rights, present evidence in your favor, and raise the reasonable doubt that could lead to an acquittal. If we come on board early enough, we can sometimes even prevent charges from being filed.

Free Consultation with Drug Crimes Attorney in Albuquerque

If you or someone you love has been charged with a drug crime in the Albuquerque area, it is imperative that you contact the New Mexico Criminal Law Offices in Albuquerque immediately, before answering any questions from law enforcement. There is never a charge for the first consultation, and if finances are a problem, we can arrange an easy payment schedule.